Unity Philosophy

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Unity is a trans-denominational philosophy that finds its roots in the teachings of Jesus. It is sometimes called “practical Christianity” because we teach spiritual principles that apply to everyday living. We honor the sacred Truth contained at the heart of all major religions. We teach oneness with God and with all of God’s children. In Unity, we honor diversity and believe that all persons are created with sacred worth.

Basic Philosophy

  1. God is the source and creator of all. There is no other enduring power. God is good and present everywhere.
  2. We are spiritual beings, created in God’s image. The spirit of God lives within each person; therefore, all people are inherently good.
  3. We create our life experiences through our way of thinking, our attitudes, and our habitual states of mind and heart.
  4. Our lives can be changed and transformed through the power of affirmative prayer, forgiveness, and unconditional love.
  5. Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not sufficient. We must live them as well.