Irish Music Sunday

Cole Latimer and John Wiseman

Let yourself be touched by the music of Ireland as we celebrate our annual Irish Music Sunday.  Our own John Wiseman will be joined by special guest Cole Latimer.  Come enjoy the stirring and expressive music of the Emerald Isle. 

Musician Bios:
Cole Latimer – Fiddle, Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo
Cole was steeped in Irish traditional music from an early age growing up around the thriving Irish music community in Ann Arbor under the influence of local legends such as Mick Gavin. Coming up he made several trips to Ireland and explored his traditional musical interests along Ireland’s West coast from Cork to Donegal meeting and playing with some of the legends in Irish music such as James Byrne. Cole possesses a natural obsessive nature for discovering: the inner rhythm or lilt, precise ornamentation, note and pitch coloration and other nuance that attributes to a clear and beautiful authenticity in his playing of traditional styles. Cole’s interest in Bluegrass music came a bit later but, as always, he applied the same drive toward authenticity and a preference to learn the music from the roots up. In recent years, Cole has worked mostly in Bluegrass bands but is excited to get back to his Irish roots. Cole’s vocal show again his consistent approach. He sounds like “an old recording” when he sings – a certain purity that is compelling.

John Wiseman – Flute, Whistles, Piano and Saxophone
John Wiseman started as a saxophone player with a focus on jazz and classical performance at Indiana University. He added flute and clarinet after college, working in various music genres including jazz, classical, popular, and theatre, as well as playing and arranging for various horn sections. John has performed with or been a member of The Round Barn Theatre, The Whistle Pigs, Robert Henry Orchestra, Truth In Jazz, The Swinging Crawdads, and many more.

Over the last several years, John has developed a passion for Celtic music and other folk music traditions. With an emphasis on wooden flute/whistles and piano accompaniment, as well as a love for researching the music, history, and cultures of these traditions, he strives to create more informed and authentic performances.

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