Sunday Service with Guest Musicians from Jewell and the Future

Pic of Band

Enjoy some fine funk/reggae/R&B as we celebrate Black History Month with special guest musicians from Jewell and the Future. Featuring Jewell, Wayne Brann, Billy Canty, and our own John Wiseman, the service will include extra music that will be a treat for your mind, body, and soul!

Musician Bios:
is the originator, guitarist, Lead and backing vocalist, as well as the songwriter for the band’s originals. He is currently the owner of his private club and community musical space 'Ellis Village' in Niles, MI. “I look at music as a means of connecting with people with shared feelings and emotions. At its best, music has the power to create a connection to our minds, body and spirit, inducing joy and movement - shaking your booty.”

WAYNE BRANN plays bass as well as providing lead and backing vocals. Wayne was always around music with early exposure to the sounds of contemporary black gospel choirs around Michiana. As a young man, he began his mastery of the funk bass with new-found inspiration from 1970’s old-school funk bass masters such as: Mark Adams (Slave), Bootsy Collins (James Brown/Parliament), and Bernard Edwards (Chic).

BILLY CANTY was born on the Bayou just South of New Orleans La. Billy has the swamp groove in his blood and the drumming chops of a hungry gator! Billy began playing drums at the age of 4 when his family purchased a red Bugs Bunny drum set for his birthday. His family’s relocation to West Florida proved to be invaluable as Billy connected with some important mentors/gurus who recognized his innate talent guided him to a successful career in Florida as professional studio and touring musician.

JOHN WISEMAN plays saxophones and flute as well providing background vocals for the band. He has made his musical career upon a solid backbone of the jazz tradition with his own versatility and curiosity of musical cultures. He writes and arranges and plays: flute, saxophones, and keys with the band but also loves the clarinet and folk instruments such as Irish flute and whistle. His first love was jazz and American soul music but John prides himself on his multicultural musical background in many genres: classical, theatre, popular, Irish traditional, and Afro-Cuban/Caribbean. He is currently the music director at Unity of Michiana Spiritual Center. 

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