Vision & Mission Statement

Recently we began work on a new vision and mission statement.  We came up with some words, thoughts, and expressions about our desired future.  The words are listed below and are also displayed in the foyer. Please hold these words in prayerful consideration and feel free to add your own by using the contact us form or by adding them to the list in the foyer.  In the near future, we will begin choosing the top few words that resonate best for all of us.

Possible Vision and Mission Words:  Heart-Centered - Love - Connection/Support - Inspire - Prayer - Healing - Diversity - Inclusion - Lifelong Learning - Fellowship - Spiritual Education/Growth/Classes - Transformation - Peaceful - Spiritual Action - Participation - Celebrating Life - Joy - Oneness - BE the Positive Change - Positivity - Create Anew - Focus on Youth Essential/New Adventures - Play/Fun - Stewardship of Earth (Eco-friendly) - Involvement - Uniqueness - Advancing Spiritual Awakening - Celebrate Each Other - Honoring Differences - Spiritual Journey

Possible Core Value words:  Gratitude - Universal Principles - Acceptance - Inclusivity - Love - Transformation - Prosperity/Abundance - Diverse - Spiritually Centered - Egalitarian