Sacred Meditation Healing Sessions

Unity's History of Healing

Unity came into being because of Myrtle Fillmore's successful spiritual healing of herself with her prayer associates.  It was Charles Fillmore's curiosity about the cause of her successful spiritual healing which led him to research major religious traditions of the world resulting in his and Myrtle's formulation of the teachings of Unity.  In those early days of Unity (late 1800's), the primary focus of Myrtle's healing circles was on the physical and psychological healing of those who came to her after hearing of her success.

Through the 120-plus years since its founding, Unity has continued its healing tradition through prayer circles and other informal programs presented by each ministry's spiritual leader.  Most of these approaches have been based upon the principle that healing occurs first in consciousness, then in the physical form.  Sacred healing facilitators continue the practice of Unity’s core belief that prayer is an effective way to heal our lives today. 

The Sacred Meditation Healing Practice

Sacred Meditation Healing is a process using touch or near touch that flows in a sacred spiral, beginning and ending at the heart center.  Unity Minister Rev. Scott Sherman learned this technique from two medical doctors, Dr. Brugh Joy and Dr. Richard Moss, who have worked in spiritual transformation and healing for over 30 years.  The intent is to amplify the natural energies of the mind/body and thus facilitate greater balance and wholeness.  Sessions are held in a loving, devotional setting here at Unity of Michiana and last approximately 45 minutes.  Rev. Scott says, “It is the most loving, gentle experience I know.  Because it is holistic, it has helped hundreds to be healed of physical, emotional, financial and relationship issues.”  The sessions are available on a love offering basis.  You may also purchase a gift certificate for a Sacred Meditation Healing session in the Unity bookstore for $20.  For more information or to schedule a session with Sacred Meditation Healing certified facilitator Linda Carter, please call or text her at 574-274-6827.