Renovation started at our new location at 52248 Laurel Road on June 3.  Our congregation went there after the service on July 14, and we were delighted to see the progress.  Things are moving along steadily.   

The contractor estimated it will take approximately three months to do the work.  The South Bend Clinic has agreed to extend our time at our current location until the end of September if needed.  We may move before then.  We’re continuing to explore options for office space for our youth director, Donalyn, and meeting space for our teachers and youth program.  We’ll keep everyone posted as things progress. Please watch for ongoing updates.  Come be part of moving forward into new adventures!

Standing on the powerful legacy of Unity’s significant spiritual presence here in South Bend over the past 41 years, we are excited to be embarking on an adventure forward into new territory. Open to exploring the unknown with excited expectancy, we confidently affirm and give thanks for the goodness, abundance and wonders the Universe is already sending our way! We celebrate this opportunity to grow, expand, embrace and become! With deep gratitude for the Divine activity of Spirit propelling us forward in Love, we say THANK YOU GOD!

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