From the Minister – Welcome to 2020

Dear Unity Family and Friends,  

Welcome to 2020!  How exciting to be entering the wonderful adventures and infinite possibilities a New Year brings. It is a special time for our thoughts to turn towards creative aspirations, visionary dreams, and new goals. Each New Year brings the powerful incentive and opportunity to embrace change, release old patterns of being, and to choicefully move forward in expansive ways.

Beginning this year in our beautifully remodeled new Unity of Michiana Spiritual Center, there is a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the Divine Guidance that moved us forward step-by-step on such a tremendous journey of accomplishment!  We celebrate the strength of purpose, higher wisdom, creative vision, and focused affirmative intention that inspired the creation of our warm and inviting new Center through the help of many people in untold ways!

Trusting in the universal flow of God’s Natural Abundance and Infinite Good, we move forward confidently on our path of providing a gathering place where people feel encouraged, nurtured, inspired and connected with others of like heart and mind. Reaching out to embrace each other and the new community we’re in, we invite and welcome all who seek the unique and spiritually uplifting, transformational message Unity has to offer.

Utilizing Faith and Truth Principles we draw forth into manifestation our highest good through our positive focus and intent. Connecting deeply with God Inspiration, we utilize our inner Christ Consciousness and Oneness to envision and express our unique magnificence. We are grateful that as we tap into this powerful potential, the sky is the limit on what the tapestry of our life and our world will become. Let’s join in recognizing the power of working together in positive and fruitful ways to accomplish good for all.

Wishing you a Prosperous and Fulfilling New Year… In Light and Love Always,

Rev. Sandie