From the Minister – Changing Our Name

Changing Our Name…Unity of Michiana Spiritual Center  

From Unity Church of Peace to Unity of Michiana…  

In accordance with the recommendations of Unity Worldwide Ministries, and in alignment with current trends, we have chosen to once again adopt our originally incorporated name:  Unity of Michiana

We are excited and thankful to be continuing a tradition of Spiritual Community created back in 1976. Through their prayerful and dynamic focus of intention to bring the Unity message to South Bend, Marilyn Waumans and Virginia Barry were able to bring Amalie Frank, a Licensed Unity Teacher (soon to become an ordained Unity Minister) into this area to start Unity classes and study groups. Over time the classes and groups were well received, and by 1978, Unity of Michiana was established with their first full time Minister.

Over the past 41 years, Unity of Michiana, which eventually became Unity Church of Peace, has been a Spiritual Center of much significance. Many Unity Ministers have played an integral part in sharing positive, uplifting Truth Principles, and leading this Spiritual Community forward into new eras and adventures. Much gratitude is felt for the untold contributions of Love and dedicated work given in continuing this spirit of Truth Teaching.

We now continue this amazing journey of experiencing new times, creative trends, and great Spiritual Adventures forward. As we move to our new Spiritual Center location, we know we’re founded in the powerful roots of our inspired beginnings, and we stand upon the strength of the spiritual rock of Faith that preceded us. We feel grateful to once again adopt our originally incorporated name, Unity of Michiana, as we continue sharing this powerful legacy…a life changing spiritual message, an opportunity to live significant and abundant lives, and an invitation to experience the empowerment of sharing, serving and connecting with others!

With Gratitude, Rev. Sandie