Falling Into Ease by Aliza Bloom Robinson

Falling Into Ease by Aliza Bloom Robinson

A Book Study/Discussion Class led by Rev. Sandie Vanik

Wed Evenings March 4–April 8 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Falling Into Ease is a breath of peace in an often stress filled world.  Join with others in dedicating time and space to participate in the gently healing and empowering journey this book will take you on. It’s not just a book for reading…it’s for experimenting.

Falling Into Ease is a guide to get out of the rough places our ‘thought-rut’ minds often take us. It is filled with wonderful practices and reflections to breath into, engage with and savor.  Through discussion as well as simple and encouraging exercises, we will practice releasing overwhelm and struggle in order to claim and live into lives of greater ease, satisfaction, and inner peace.